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There are close to 3.16 billion users on social media out of which 2.94 billion are always active. The top social media channels used today in order are Facebook (2.27 billion users), Instagram (1 billion users), LinkedIn (500 million users), and Twitter (336 million users). There are a lot more other social media channels such as google plus, pinterest, quora, etc. that are famous and attract a lot traction. If social media is a nation, it would have been the second most populated in the world.Since social media profiles unlike mobile numbers and email ids, are tricky and acquiring this data is no easy job. And since social media contacts are a recent add-on to the database industry, not many companies have the expertise. 

Social Media Validation

Getting connected to these social media users, especially those who would buy your products and services from you is a very difficult task. And an even tougher job is to get access to the social media users’ contact information. Now even though there are few firms that promise to deliver social media users database, most of it either erroneous or invalid or obsolete due to the traditional methods of data collection; and limited knowledge on social media validation.

Social media validation is a process of verifying social media contact information available in the database. Datazeon has data experts that master the art data verification and validation of social media profiles of the database. Be it is a database of physicians whom the healthcare marketers are trying to upsell their products or an apparel store that has recently launched their new clothing line and need to market it to their perfect social media audience, everyone needs a database of social media profiles that are accurate and easy to connect to.

We have the most-trusted sources that provide us with the social media contacts. We also have tie ups with a few social media channels and hence can directly get the information without any scope for data loss. Based on the client’s requirement, we also segregate social media contacts based on industry, technology, and demography.

Contact Information On Social Media Mailing Lists

The social media mailing lists has information of first name, last name, contact number - business and personal, email id - business and personal, mailing address, county, SIC codes, facebok id, twitter handle, linkedin link, instagram handle, and other social media channel links based on request.

Our featured Social Media Mailing Lists

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Benefits of using Social Media Validation

  • Avoid all databases that giveaway dead and redundant data
  • Get access to accurate and verified social media contacts
  • Highly worthy and hot leads and prospects that are 100% spam free
  • Improve targeting and get higher response rates and greater turnover

Every database that we serve, has a benchmark standard and every piece of information that we provide has 100% accurate and up-to-date information.

In the social-media obsessed world, social media contacts are a treasure - harness the power and improve your ROI.