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Reduce operational costs and increase ROI with Custom Build Lists

Enterprises have been facing with list building challenges for sometime now. While most enterprises do not collect data first hand, there are companies that procure data but have no clue about data hygiene or converting data to a usable format. The challenge gets even tougher when the enterprise need custom build contacts. For instance, if you are an organization that sells applications for kids, your target audience, cannot be kids. Target audience is parents that have kids of a certain age that use the application. It needs to be further filtered based on geography, purchase patterns, etc. Building a mailing list so specific can be a laborious task.

List Building Services

To overcome the challenges with mailing lists, Datazeon has the best solution in the form of List Building. Most list vendors that we come across today have readymade lists that they circulate to all their clients. So when it comes to building lists of specific niche well-defined target audience, you need custom made lists that are created exclusively catering to your requirements.

List building is an extensive process that involves the following steps.

  • Understanding your target audience specifications

  • Segregate the details based on geography and demography

  • Filter out contacts from our 50+ million database

  • Using automatic tools segregate the contacts collected

  • Verify and validate each contact in the list

  • Deliver the list to client

On special request we also append contact information such as email, social media profiles, etc. At Datazeon we have a database that has over 50 million contacts that are all opt-in. We procure contacts from promising sources such as surveys, questionnaires, interviews, first hand research, trade shows, magazine subscriptions, web portals, polls, webinars, social media groups, and many more.

Every customer that we have catered to so far, received high response rates and great sales.

Customer Testimonial

“The names we got from Datazeon were consistent and we have gotten positive input from our advertising endeavors accordingly. We anticipate utilizing your services soon on to help expand our brand footprint.” - Director, Marketing

We are proud to state that we are one of the very few data providers that collect data through optin methods such as technology conferences, business journals and website subscriptions, technology forums, social media groups, technology listings, and more.

Contact Information available on our Mailing Lists

Datazeon has numerous data fields that can be included in your custom build lists. The most common data fields that our clients ask for include First name, Last name, Business email, Personal email, Official contact number, Personal contact number, Fax number, SIC code, Revenue, Job title, Job history, Technology, Geography, Mailing address, Annual sales, Company revenue, Total income, social media profiles and related links.

Benefits of using List Building Services

  • Get access to perfect target audience

  • Target the right audience at the right time, everytime

  • Reduce operational marketing costs

Our list building services are meticulously planned to obtain cohesive lists that are backed by hard work, attention to detail, and intensive research.

Do you want to get access to real prospects and bag best customers in the industry, contact us. You can reach out to conversion ready contacts who have budget assigned to spend on your products.