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Convert data to impactful insights with Data Profiling

Though it is phase of the industry where people are drowning in data, no such thing exists as mass audience. Customers are all different. Every customer is unique and wants to be treated so. The solution to treating your customers the way they ought to be is ‘Data Profiling’ to get targeted databases and cater to niche markets. The data you possess can show its worth only when you dig deeper into it and understand it. Though data looks huge and overwhelming, you cannot ignore the fact that more data just gives you more luck.

Data Profiling Solution

Data profiling is a process of examining data and validating data sources to reduce redundant and erroneous data. For businesses that have data on high priority, data profiling services help in making data more relevant and valid. Profiling of data is your first step towards making data better and targeted.

How we do data profiling

  • Identify key data formats and patterns

  • Analyze the data using analytical and statistical tools

  • Eliminate duplicate records

  • Delete invalid data

  • Validate data in all the fields

  • Verify data through automatic and manual tools

Cut down counts: You need to cut down on the volume based on your target audience.  Consider you are looking for a business buyer who has more than 250 employees; the database set is narrowed down. It obviously doesn’t prove worthy in sending emails to millions when they are irrelevant.

Eliminate unwanted contacts: Out of the lot available, you can segregate the database based on factors like the employee size, annual revenue, industry type, etc. Once the contacts that do not fit the bill are eliminated, we have a database with your exact niche.

Segregate for campaigns: Now you have a database with contacts of various companies. Would you send blast emails to all the contacts? The best way to start off is with customers. If you have a list of existing customers in your database, you can launch your first campaign to them or you can zero in on the best lead criteria.

Planning marketing strategies: Once you know the best criteria for your audience, you can chalk out a plan to come up with a new marketing strategy. You can also cater by the personal preferences. Make it look extraordinarily personalized and customized just to spread the widest smile.

This procedural set up helps you in identifying new quality prospects and get a list of customers that stick to the brand and stay loyal.

Our featured Data Management Solutions

  • List building

  • Data Enhancement

  • Data cleansing

  • Data Profiling

  • Customer Profiling

  • Data Verification

Benefits of using Data Profiling Services

  • Identify your best customers

  • Find their characteristics

  • Improve targeting

  • Reduce data costs and waste

Through niche contact profiles, you can make connections with influencers, both existing customers and prospects, and increase your brand image multifold. Every records provided to you is accurate, normalized, and deduplicated in your database.

On profiling your database, you can improve the way to work with your mailing list and in-turn reduce the data costs and wates that go in the process. We also add contacts at regular intervals so that you can stay ahead of your competition.

Find how the solution of data profiling can help you get better.