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No more fuss over dirty data

Data is always a key aspect about which marketers are always worried due to the challenges faced.

  • Missing or incorrect email addresses, contact numbers, mailing addresses or social media profile links, etc.

  • Incorrect data provided by prospects or manual errors by employees

  • Data corruption or decay with passing time

  • Inability to get in touch with valuable prospects and leads

Data Cleansing Services

Data cleansing services from Datazeon can be extremely helpful when you need a flawless database with great data quality. Take a look at our data cleansing process

  • Identify erroneous data

  • Replace or update with current information

  • Replace mailing address info using NCOA

  • Domain verification and validation

  • Identify undelivered email addresses and replace emails using ECOA

  • Identify incorrect syntaxes and dead domain names and verify consolidated data

  • Delete duplicate contacts

  • Normalize data fields and deliver databases to client

With our data solutions, we sieve through a growing surge of data to keep it accurate, updated, and relevant. We will help you stay ahead of your competition and reach out to all your valid contacts and customers.

Customer Testimonial

“Working with Datazeon has been a great experience. They instantly learned about our business requirements and solved our data issues. They are a fantastic team to rely on” - VP, Sales

After adopting our data cleansing services, you will be able to send effective campaigns through various channels like email, phone, direct mailing, digital, and social media.

  • Email Appending

  • B2B Email Appending

  • B2C Email Appending

  • Contact Appending

  • Reverse Appending

  • Phone Appending

  • Social Media Appending

With our data enrichment services, you can connect with decision makers, top organizational level, who have influence in key decisions of company infrastructure, projects, and budgets. Tapping the top markets can help you get access to important contacts and bring great turnover to your business.

Our featured Data Solutions

  • B2B & B2C Email Lists

  • Data Management Services

  • Contact Discovery Services

  • Customer Cloning Services

  • Email and Telephone Campaign Management

Along with data solutions, we provide prepackaged email lists with specific niches. Our records have details like phone number, verified email addresses, job title, company name, mailing address, revenue, employee size, SIC code, and industry details.

Benefits of using Data Cleansing Services

  • Helps you control and target your marketing activities and minimize wastage

  • Enables you to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

  • Detects fraud patterns and risk groups such as customer cancellations and take preventive measures at an early stage

  • Economizes each new marketing activity and boost your success rate

Data cleansing services can uplift your results by providing the right contacts to market to. We also provide granular information about geography, demography, firmography, interests, shopping patterns, lifestyle, etc. We collect granularity details through segmenting, profiling, and targeting.

Do you have a contact list that needs amends to make it better? Do you want to avoid financial losses and reach out to your target audience quick? Help us get you there.