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Inaccurate and incomplete data can consume big bucks with zero results. Doing a mere data verification or validation can only help in getting rid of the unwanted weed of data. But data appending is the only means in which you can verify your data as well as add in the missing fields and target your right target audience. By using data appending services from Datazeon, you can get an accurate database that is fit for marketing without any missing or obsolete information. The solution increases the value of your database by updating the missing information, adding data to gain an improved understanding of your prospects, and fine-tuning your marketing and customer services efforts.

Here is an elaborate data appending process that explains in more detail.

Step-by-step Data Appending Process

  • Client’s database with incomplete data is procured

  • The matched with in-house database

  • Common contacts are identified

  • Missing data fields are appended

  • Data is verified manually

  • Opt-in emails are sent to contacts in the new database

  • Opted out contacts are removed from the database

  • Enhanced and updated database is delivered to the client

Whilst customer or prospect database being vital to run campaigns and many marketing initiatives, an incomplete database is something that can drain your treasury for no profit at all. Hence, the data appending process has become a crucial service that many marketers look up to refine their database and turn it from rags to riches. There are number of appending services that come handy.

Our featured Data Appending Services

  • Email appending

  • B2C Email Appending

  • Phone Appending

  • Contact Appending

  • Social Media Appending

  • Tech Install Appends


Why Choose Datazeon for Data Appending Services

Datazeon has been a master class list provider in the past decade be it providing a new database made from scratch or enhancing data with the vast range of scope available. The primary reasons that most companies come to Datazeon include the following.

  • Owns database of 140+ million records

  • Best match rates in the industry

  • Strict confidentiality

  • We do not sell your data to third party

  • High quality checks

  • Accuracy and delivery guarantee

  • Faster turnaround

Benefits of Data Appending Services

  • Improve deliverability and targeting while saving money

  • Help you understand how contacts aggregate up to sites

  • Help you avoid database infection caused due to bad data and more

We promise that after implying data appending to your database, you will be able to market to your database better and faster. Reaching out to your prospects is made easy by having the relevant and most accurate information at your fingertips.

Reach us to find out how our data appending solutions can revive your company’s revenue in more cost effective ways.