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Tailored Customer Profiling to help you Service Better

Did you know that 20% of businesses saw a rise in internal ROI in 50 days after profiling their customers?

Getting a great ROI from your in-house products and services requires investing time, money, and effort. And clearly defining your target markets is the prime need and getting the target list requires immense research, dexterity, time. The deeper the segments, accurate the contacts, the more ease to target them and sell to them. We at Datazeon master in creating those buyer personas a.k.a., customer profiles. Our data experts help you with your database to understand the type of contact you aim at and help you align them to your marketing strategy. Profiling can be implemented for both customers and prospects

Customer Profiling Services

Customer Profiling is a way to create a portrait of your customers to help you make design decisions concerning your services. Your customers are broken down into groups of customers sharing similar goals and characteristics and each group is given a representative with a phone, name, and a description. A small group of customer profiles or ‘personas’ are then used to make key design decisions.

Our team of data experts will help you know your customers based on their background such as basic details, key information, education, hobbies, etc., demographics like age, gender, area, and other work related factors like industry, company annual revenue, company size, and more. Based on the preliminary profiling, we will give you an in-depth picture of your prospects’ problems, challenges and the suitable solutions you can offer them.

There are numerous ways to segment data.

  • Geography - country, state, county, ZIP

  • Demography - age, gender, education, marital status, income, occupation, hobbies

  • Psychographics - personality, opinions, interests, lifestyle

Our featured Data Management Solutions

  • List Building

  • Data Cleansing

  • Data Verification

  • Data Validation

  • Data Profiling

  • Data Appending


Customer profiling is the best to get an entire understanding of your best customers and aid in you taking the right decisions and also consequently right targeting for your future projects and campaigns.

Benefits of using Customer Profiling Services

  • A complete understanding of your buyers

  • Real data about customer demographics and online behavior, along with educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, and concerns.

  • We create profiles of customers through research, surveys, and interviews of your target audience. This includes a mix of customers (both good and bad), prospects, and those outside of your contact database who might align with your target audience.

  • Increase brand awareness by introducing your products and services to the right target audience

  • With proper segments you can align your resources better

While profiling customers, we also take into consideration the quality of the data. We see to it that that database we deliver to you is accurate and up-to-date. We ensure that the database is run through a set of data procedures including data verification, validation, normalization, deduplication, and data hygiene. This is to ensure that we once you have the target markets, you also have right information about them to get in touch with them.

A detailed customer profiling system will help you fine-tune your products and serve your prospects better. There is no better way to know who you should sell what.